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Federalism in Libya: Tried and failed
Given Libya’s history and infrastructure, appeasement of local actors via regional autonomy is a recipe for disaster.

‘Libya violence ‘puts poll timing at risk’ by AFP– contains quotes and analysis from most of the Libya guild

Watch My appearance on Iranian State TV on 31/3/12. My segment starts at 15:40  I Discuss why federalism won’t work in Libya and how Obama will do everything in his power to avert an Israeli attack on Iran.  don’t be bothered by the crazy anti-Western tone of the rest of the Double Standards program.  It is meant to be satirical and not actually meant to be taken all that seriously.

In-Depth Al Jazeera English opinion piece “Solve Syria, leave Iran alone” :  The world must turn its attention to Syria, not Iran, to avoid escalation into a regional war.

***Hands off Syria, Hands on Iran a mini-magnum opus with Martin Van Creveld about why an Israeli attack on Iran would cause a global depression . This article builds on our NYT article entitled “In the Arab Spring, Watch Turkey” which attacks the view that the West is involved in a Cold War with Iran as incorrect and demonstrates how Turkey is the primary victor of the Arab Spring***

Libya Herald version of op-ed promoting the monograph

My Monograph on Libya’s Militia Problem “In War’s Wake: The Struggle for Post-Qadhafi Libya”

NTC Must Exercise Authority And Tackle Militias the op-ed version of my monograph

U.S. Needs A Grand Strategy not Grand Standing in its relationship with China. An op-ed I co-authored for the Australian with an old friend from Oxford. Op ed on US China Bashing

CNN article on Qatar’s role in Syria expressing my take on Qatari motivations, capabilities, and limitations

Commentary and Criticism of my op-ed with Van Creveld “In the Arab Spring, Watch Turkey”

My Article in the New York Times entitled “In the Arab Spring, Watch Turkey”. It attacks the view that the West is involved in a Cold War with Iran as incorrect and demonstrates how Turkey is the primary victor of the Arab Spring

KURDS LOOK TO OLD ENEMIES FOR SURVIVAL as The American withdrawal from Iraq leaves a void — Article by Jason Pack in the Australian [to view click here and scroll down and look to the right] ‘australia and the kurds‘ written in ERBIL, IRAQ 27/12/2011

Libya’s long road to disarmament: A good article about the militias from IRIN

‘Libya in Transition’. A series of briefings organized by for the education of British MPs. You may listen to the open session from Dec 12th about ‘Libya’s new Role in the World.’

My argument in FP about how both Abdullah Senussi and Saif, in their own ways, promoted the crony westernization which brought down the Gaddafi regime

My humourous article in the Australian about the Zintani militias.  aus23nov2011ac008 (1)

Gaddafi son’s capture complicates struggle over cabinet– or worded differently the militias’ hand at the bargaining table is strengthened while the NTC’s is weakened

Never before seen Qaddafi pictures that were captured in Tripoli  they have a certain 1960s chic about them.. so gaze on a handsome youthful qaddafi, and King idriss bewildered by the modern world and doesn’t HRH look hot in picture 7

Qaddafi’s Legacy: Only in his death is the Libyan leader’s radical vision of a decentralized republic becoming a reality.