Public Lectures

(Upcoming)  “The 2011 Libyan ‘Uprisings’, the Ascendancy of the Periphery, and Western and Libyan Policy Responses” 
12 March 2012 St. Catharine’s Lunch Seminar.  12:45 in the SCR
(Completed) Iraqi KURDISTAN: ‘Comparative No-Fly Zones: An investigation of the cases of Iraqi Kurdistan (1991-2003) and Libya (2011)’
On December 24th, 2011, I delivered a lecture to  graduate students and professors from the University of Kurdistan/Howler.

(Completed) LONDON:  ‘Libya in Transition–Implications and Opportunities for Britain’

An Africa APPG event on Libya in the House of Commons co-hosted by the Royal Africa Society and and consisting of 2 Closed Briefings for MPs and one Open Session for MPs and public.

Open Session:  Monday December 12th, 7-9pm, House of Commons, Committee Room 15  :  Libya’s New Role in the World

To read a summary of this session click here. To listen to this session click here  ->  Libya Parliament recording begins at 3700 modified . You will have to wait for the blue bar to grown download the file before hitting play and then sliding the counter to what part of the file you wish to listen to.

The audio of the session begins at around 37:00 minutes of the file.  My 12 minute speech begins at 1:10:00, I get attacked for my views on the militias by a Libyan/British woman who I know from St. Antony’s at 1:24:50, I respond to my attacker at  1:38:15, and get my viewpoint supported by the most knowledgeable Libyan in the room at 1:45:25, comment on capitalism and the Old Guard in Libya at 1:54:10,  and I give my closing remarks about job creation at  2:15:25.

Closed Briefing Sessions for MPs   1. Tuesday, November 29th, 11am-12:30pm, The House of Commons, Meeting Room M:  The State of the ‘Transition’ and Britain’s role

2. Wednesday December 7th, 10am-11:30am The House of Commons, Meeting Room M:  Business Opportunities for British Companies

For the substantive points raised in these sessions and submitted to the Foreign Affairs Select committee as evidence see:

FOR THE COMPLETE PROGRAM CLICK HERE Libya in Transition__Implications and Opportunities for Britain website

(Completed) CAMBRIDGE:

‘The 2011 Libyan Uprisings: How the Periphery came to dominate the Centre’.

by Jason Pack
Nov 1st, 5pm, Trinity Hall, BridgeTower Room